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The Ancient Art Archive

The Ancient Art Archive is dedicated to preserving and exploring humanity’s oldest works of art, many of which […]

Presentation Sampler

The world needs better pitches. We would all get along a lot better. We’d get a hell […]

Hallmark Northpole

How I learned to think like an elf and helped Hallmark launch a new holiday brand.


A new brand identity for a new kind of destination recording experience.

Old Navy: Emoodji

Can you talk with your feet? You can if your favorite emoji is part of your footwear. […]

Disney Club Penguin

Waddle you be? Rebranding a legendary kids' destination for tweens.

Homeboy Industries

How a new digital identity energized online donations for this amazing organization.

Infirmary Cancer Care

When is a truck more than a truck? Infirmary Cancer Care asked us to develop a video to […]


Using consumer insights to start a new conversation with parents about game ratings.

Content strategy adds up to new customers for this national math tutoring company.

The Israel Film Festival

For more than three decades, the Israel Film Festival has brought the best in Israeli film and […]


Omni-Buzz, a Southern California-based experience marketing agency, wanted to differentiate itself as more than just an event […]

Armor All / STP

Putting two classic auto brands back into high gear.

Sewanee Magazine

A friend asked me, “What good is a liberal arts degree?”—pointing out that very few Humanities majors wind […]

Warner Bros. The Hangover Part III

Get a custom call from Chow and Alan for the Wolfpack's last hurrah.

Warner Bros. Man of Steel

I’ve been a Superman fanboy from the cradle, so the chance to work on his 75th anniversary celebration […]

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

This Facebook Connect-enabled app put your profile info into a custom trailer for the great detective’s latest mystery. […]

X-Men: First Class

Two things I love to geek out over: the Kennedy era and super heroes. This iPad app—which […]

Disney Babyzone

Babies sleeping in shoes, monsters under the bed, and other unmissable moments of motherhood.

Titles and Taglines

I started out writing taglines at Universal Pictures—we were releasing a new film almost every week, so […]

Woodbury University

Woodbury University’s new school of Media, Culture and Design is a fusion of art, business, psychology, and […]

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